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Posted by Adam Rodri Updated: June-13-2014

Something You Wont See in MSM The Federal Reserve Board under Chairman Alan Greenspan (19872006) pursued what seems in hindsight clearly to have been way too loose a monetary policy. Banks were awash with money to lend and got careless in how they lent it. Ostensibly to aid the poor and working class, the Clinton administration and Congress encouraged lenders to give mortgages to bad credit risks. The combination of easy money and the expansion of the number of borrowers unable to repay their loans sent housing prices through the roof, creating the bubble whose bursting has led to this crisis. Congress in 1999 repealed the law that established a bright line between commercial and investment banks. This meant bad investments by banks could jeopardize depositors. Wall Street created "derivatives" that multiplied profits in good times, but also multiplied risk if there were defaults. Most important was corruption and mismanagement at the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. (Freddie Mac), which together controlled 90 percent of the secondary mortgage market. Once your bank has lent you money to buy a house, it can't lend the money again until you pay it back. But if your bank sells your mortgage, it can make another loan right away. Without the secondary market, most of the funds for home mortgages would dry up. Fannie and Freddie went broke because they bought billions of dollars worth of subprime mortgages, on which borrowers defaulted when the housing bubble popped. Fannie bought most of its bad mortgages from Countrywide Financial, whose CEO, Angelo Mozilo, gave sweetheart loans to senior executives of Fannie Mae. Fannie and Freddie cooked their books so senior ugg moccasins executives would be paid millions of dollars in bonuses to which they were not entitled. Inadequate cheap uggs regulation kept the bookcooking from being discovered until the crisis had become a catastrophe. President Bush proposed regulatory reforms in 2003, but Congress took no action. In 2005, John McCain and three other GOP senators proposed a strong reform bill. It died when Democrats threatened a filibuster. Democrats opposed reform in part because they feared it would mean fewer loans to poor people. "Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are not facing any kind of financial crisis," Rep. Barney Frank (D., Mass.) told the New York Times when the Bush bill was introduced. "The more pressure there is on these companies, the less we will see in terms of affordable housing." Democrats and some Republicans opposed reform in part because Fannie and Freddie were very good at greasing palms. Fannie has spent $170 million on lobbying since 1998 and $19.3 million on political contributions since 1990. The principal recipient of Fannie Mae's largesse was Sen. Chris Dodd (D., Conn.), chairman of the Senate Banking Committee. No. 2 was Barack Obama. Mr. Dodd was also the second largest recipient in the Senate of contributions from Countrywide's political action committee and its employees, and the recipient of a home loan from Countrywide at well below market rates. The No. 1 senator on Countrywide's list? Barack Obama. Fannie Mae CEO Franklin Raines was forced to resign in December, 2004, because of "accounting irregularities." The Washington Post reported July 16 that the Obama campaign has called Mr. Raines "seeking his advice on mortgage and housing policy matters." Mr. Obama appointed Mr. Raines' predecessor, uggs for sale James Johnson, as head of his vice presidential search committee until he also was implicated in "accounting irregularities," and it was revealed he'd received cutrate loans from Countrywide. Chicago billionaire Penny Pritzker, head of Mr. Obama's finance committee, chaired the nowdefunct Superior bank when it began to cook the books to conceal losses from subprime mortgages. The holding company her family owned collected $200 million in dividends on phony profits. The trouble with crony capitalism isn't capitalism. It's the cronies. Nice summation, but you forgot some things. You said "Congress in 1999 repealed the law that established a bright line between commercial and investment banks. Sen. Phil Gramm (R) Tex, Sen. Rep. James Leach (R) IA and Tom Bliley (R) VA wow, all Republicans! It gutted the Glass/Stegall Act of 1932 and wiped out the protections against what we have saw right here in the last week. Also you wrote, "President ugg kids Bush proposed regulatory reforms in 2003, but Congress took no action. In 2005, John McCain and three other GOP senators proposed a strong reform bill. It died when Democrats threatened a filibuster. Democrats opposed reform in part because they feared it would mean fewer loans to poor people." Well, that would get you a 'Barely True' on the Truthometer. See in 2003, George Bush did talk about creating another oversight agency for FA But alas he could not get any of the Republican Controlled Congress to propose such. I think since the GOP had had control of the House since 1994 and the Senate from 2002 to 2006, maybe President Bush should have been talking to Speaker Dennis Hastert and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist. Second the other part of that Statement regarding John McCain's cosponsorship of Chuck Hagel's Bill, came about 5 months after it had been introduced, and a very quick check of S190109 (that's the Bill No.) will show that the Legislation did not make it out of Committee. There was no Filibuster threat. Sen. Richard Shelby (R) AL, Chairman of the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs ugg moccasins Committee stepped on it, not any democrat. With regards womens ugg boots to Franklin Raines, he (Raines) has said he has not and does not advise Obama as a matter of fact he said he has never met Obama. He went to his office once but Obama was not there and he only spoke to a staffer. Did Obama screw up by asking James Johnson to vet VP Candidates? Yes he did. And he fired him as soon as it was found out that he had got a loan from Countrywide (even though the loan was legal, but a sweet ugg boots for kids deal). But Johnson has vetted VP candidates for several Presidential Candidates going back to the 80's (some were sh!tty picks too, that why I say Obama screwed up asking him). But something I didn't see in your synopsis how to clean ugg boots was a little thing that happened back in the late 80's. Something called the Keating 5. to have to buy up $1.8 Billion in junbk bonds and debt created by Lincoln Savings and Loan. The owner of Lincoln was Charles Keating. A close personal friend of John McCain (they vacationed together, uggs outlet online John used Lincoln's private jet, things of that nature) and a Business partner in several ventures (while it was not John McCain's name on the papers himself, his wife and fatherinlaw were) including Phoenix and Vegas area Strip Malls. When Keating started cooking his books, John McCain went to Regulators and pressured uggs for men them to backoff. As did the other four of the Five. McCain received $112,000 from Keating in political contributions. Had it not been for his status as a POW and that John Glenn (another American Hero) was also part of the 5 and nothing could be done to one without something being done to the other they were both let off with slaps on the wrists and warnings to pull their heads out of their asses. But you are correct in saying that cronyism is a problem. Foreign Policy Advisor Stephen Schuneman, (lobbyist Rep. Economic Advisor Nancy Pfotenhauer lobbyist, Koch Industries), John Green, and national finance Cochairman Wayne Berman. (lobbied for Fannie Mae). What allowed Enron to do those things they did before going bankrupt and losing 180,000 people's retirement and 401K's in the process. but not to worry, his wife was a member of the Enron Board of Directors when it happened so they were able to get their money before it blewup. ugg dakota How Not to Look Old Ladies . are you still wearing oversized blazers, shoulder pads, flannel shirts, or threepiece suits with vests? Does your lingerie drawer include granny undies or stockings with reinforced toes? Do you hit the streets wearing acidwashed jeans, cargo pants, or overalls? If so, you're screaming grey uggs OLD LADY to the world! Looking YOUNGER HIPPER isn't about vanity about a woman's personal and financial survival in our youthobsessed culture. Why should cheap uggs you ugg bailey button triplet throw in the towel and age gracefully when a few simple beauty and style tweaks can take ten years off your face, your body, and your looks? As a vibrant and attractive woman over 40, beauty editor and style expert Charla Krupp couldn't relate to any of the "mature woman" beauty books on the market, so she decided to write one herself. How Not to Look Old is a survival guide for women who've come to the conclusion that "aging sucks!" What was meant to be a fun lens is now marred by sadness. Charla Krupp died of breast ugg shoes cancer on January 23, 2012. In magazines, on television, and with two bestselling books, Charla Krupp sought to help women to kids uggs feel better about cheap uggs their looks. During her career, ugg dakota she appeared in more than 100 style segments on the Today show, and on dozens of national television shows including The Oprah Winfrey Show, bailey button uggs The View, Dateline NBC, ugg belcloud and Good Morning America. She also made regular appearances on the E! Channel and the Home Shopping Network. Earlier in her journalism career Charla Krupp worked as an editor at Glamour and In Style, establishing ugg mens slippers herself as an expert in beauty and style. Charla loved beauty, but was downtoearth and unpretentious. She was intensely private about her illness, and many were shocked to hear of her untimely passing. Charla Krupp will be missed. cheap ugg boots for girls.

cheap ugg boots for girls Rides Suitable for 9month old True, mens uggs your son will not remember it. If this is a once in a lifetime trip, I would agree with the above. However, if you know you will be back, maybe several times, there is plenty he will enjoy, and the two of you can do a baby swap for the rides he can go on. I have been with little guys many times, my own and now girls ugg boots grandkids. The look of absolute wonder on their faces is amazing. Laughs, smiles, wide eyed taking it all in fun. Take tom brady uggs pictures! Lots of pictures, then when you take him again in a few years you can use those to show him how much fun he had the first time. We took DD at ugg clogs 11 months uggs for sale ugg boots for kids to euordisney and then at 25 months to wdw and both times were great. She certainly can remember the trip at 11 months ugg mens slippers ugg boots for men but we can and have got plenty of photos and camcorder footage which we love to watch. At 11 months she did dumbo, it a small world and other rides like that. I think why wait unless its a one and only trip. Also we went with my niece for the first time and she was 8 and she loved the rides but ugg store just not into the black uggs characters or parades and so I felt she had missed out by going at too old an age. They got years to do the rides but only a short time to get the joy of seeing their favourite characters. ugg clogs Terrell Owens says he is broke ugg knock off uggs boots cheap because he was misled and was too trusting Owens blames his financial situation on being too trusting of people with his money. He said he was ugg clogs misled. He said it was an eye opener for him and he hopes other players can learn from his mistakes. "I am a very trustworthy person," Owens said. "I allowed people to tell me they were taking care of my situation, go out and focus on football. And they were going to be taking care of their end. I am partially fault for that. It was an eyeopener for me and ugg rain boots my family. it is an eyeopener for a lot of people in the National Football League uggs boots for women that are going to be put in this particular situation. I feel like I have been put on this platform to allow people to tell these guys, 'Be on top of your finances.' Because they say they are doing one thing and they're not and they're doing another. "Other than that, however many dollars as I have lost, I can still make up those dollars," Owens continued. "Other than that, it's been a rough situation. It's been a rough year. But overall I am still holding my head up high. I am going about my business. I still have a smile on my face. My family has been very, very supportive of me and upbeat about what discount uggs I have been going through. There have been some friends that ugg boots ugg coupon code women I thought were ugg coupons friends that aren't there. I've really realized what family means to me. That's what I am relying on at this point."Feb 9, 2012 8:00:00 AM.

Teen Mom Recap of Season 4 Amber Checks Out of Rehab! Much like Katie Holmes, Amber Portwood is knock off uggs free! This gal has spent a full two months in rehab to work on her anger problems, and it's finally time for uggs cheap her to head home to her family. Amber looks better than ever (That tan! Those sparkly piercings!), but did rehab really do the trick? Amber makes a list of things to do upon her return, and right at the top is getting her license, finding an outpatient treatment center, and "making up with Gary." Last time we checked, Amber and Gary ugg slippers sale Bear were tentatively back together (she's promised not to choke him again, sigh), but has she really overcome her anger probs? Doubtful. Gary's worried that Amber will expect him to carry all the weight when she gets home, and he says that he's "scared but thinks everything will be alright." Oh, Gary. Someone needs a hug made out of jumbo slushies. When Amber finally does make it home, she's thrilled to see her family (especially sweet Baby Leah!), kids uggs on sale but we have a feeling the no contact order between her and Gary is going to make things rough. In other news, Amber brought Leah tons of swag from California. What a lucky gal! Farrah Goes on a Date! Farrah's all about living men ugg boots the good life now that she's soaking up the sun in Retirement City, and you know what that means. Time for a love connection! Unfortunately, Farrah's mom is still in town (hide your weaves, everyone), but the upside is that Farrah has a free babysitter. This lovely lady heads on a date with her new squeeze, Daniel, wherein they eat a giant sundae while discussing important issues like Farrah's fertile womb and how she's always wanted to ugg rain boots ride a "long horn cow." Side note: Farrah is wearing unexplained feathers in her hair during this entire date. Yep. But enough about boys Farrah's first day of culinary school is coming up and she's a ball of nerves. Luckily, she has Daniel as a distraction, but he has yet to call her for a second date. What gives, Danny Boy? Don't you know Farrah is a superstarlet?! Luckily, Daniel comes to his senses and text messages Farrah as she's dropping her mom at the airport, so they go horseback riding on their second date! As you might expect, the poor, innocent horses hardly know what to do with themselves once they see Farrah's massive Ugg boots, but all in all it's a great date of frolicking fun. Farrah and Daniel even kiss! Ryan Pushes for Joint Custody! Last time we checked in on Maci, she and Kyle had made the big decision to send Baby Bentley to preschool. Awww, our little dude is all grown up and he's also pitching hillbilly fits all over the place! Unfortunately, there's one problem: Ryan Edwards and his sexy self. Ryan has no intention of sending Bents to school during their time together, and he's majorly peeved that Maci's trying to boss him around. In fact, he blows off picking up Bentley from preschool, and the poor little guy is definitely bummed. Get your adorable behind into gear, Ryan! To Ryan's credit, he is trying his hardest to be pleasant to Maci but his parents encourage him to pursue joint custody so he can have more say in raising Bentley. We love Ry's parental units, but it definitely isn't their place to get involved in Maci and Ryan's custody issues especially behind Maci's back. Sigh, we smell drama coming Catelynn and Tyler Get Ready for College! Oh, don't worry. It's just Tyler and Catelynn, being completely adorable and perfect as usual. These two have officially graduated high school, which means the time for higher education is has come! Also, the time for watching Cate and Ty binge eat tacos is upon us, but that's another story. Ty and Cate finally have the house to themselves now that Butch is "living in a cardboard box," so it's time to sign up for classes! Tyler is already registered for the new semester, but Catelynn still has a lot of work ahead of her, and Ty is concerned. Speaking toddler uggs of Tyler, turns out he's a total mama's boy. This hottie accompanies his mom to the hair salon to see her get a new do, where they real talk about ugg coupon code the possibility that Catelynn might never want to go to college. Tyler even admits that he would ugg coupons break up with Cate if she failed to motivate herself! Wow, way harsh. Little does Tyler know that Catelynn really does want to kick her education into gear, and she calls the financial aid office to make her very first appointment! Yay, this gal will be on her way to being a pregnancy counselor in no time! ugg clogs cheap ugg boots for girls Jack McKeon Making a Comeback as Marlins Skipper Jack McKeon, manager of the 2003 Florida Marlins World Serieswinning club, is taking back his old post at the age of 80.Edwin womens ugg boots Rodrguez called it quits on the Fish, who have lost 11 straight amid a 119 record in June and a 3241 record on the season placing them squarely in the basement of the NL East.McKeon now becomes the secondoldest manager in bigleague history, behind only Connie Mack, who was manager of the A's until he retired in 1950 at age 87."Sometimes it gets blown out of proportion," McKeon told the Associated Press. "Maybe I'm not hipwith the Twitter or Facebook or stuff like that, but outside of that, Idon't have any problem disciplining my kids or these players."McKeon said he's been spending his days smoking cigars and watching games on TV, so he hopped on a flight to Florida as soon as he got the call.He says he's motivated by Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, who's going into his 46th season at age 84."I've managed since I was 14 years old," McKeon said. "I'll probably manage until I'm 95."The Marlins took a 21 loss last night against the Los Angeles Angels, but McKeon has quite a few games to work with for the rest of the ugg clearance year.Outfielder Mike Stanton was held out of a third straight game last night with an eye infection, and pitcher Josh Johnson the only remaining Marlin who previously played under McKeon is on the 60day disabled list with shoulder inflammation. mens ugg slippers When it's cold you want something that can really protect you from the womens ugg boots elements, Moncler jacket just can do that. Moncler jackets are available in different sizes and ugg boots australiacolors. You can find any of the size which best fits you. Regarding wintry the winter season kid's cheap moncler jacketsMoncler down boots for men jacket cheap black ugg bootsare invariably a good choice because ideal ugg boot combined heat along with classy design and style. Moncler coats are generally durable ugg moccasins waterresistant at ease however highly comfortable with regard to their finest lower insulations. Moncler bailey button boots ukcoats not simply save you from getting stuck cool but they are your look assertion. Moncler manufacturer evolved into worldwideknown due to its special hip models along with high end. But now, cheap uggs things can be change because of this lightness men's clothing. Its excellent thermal effect, it's beautiful design and ugg boots sale its ugg coupons comfortable wearing will give you a warm moncler coats for womenand pleasant winter. ugg dakota

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